Throughout his entire life, Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, has been looking at life with an unusual perspective and doing amazing things. Starting at a very early age, with interests in uncanny phenomena, hypnosis, eastern mysticism and illusions, Alain realized for himself a fantastic world of possibilities and interesting explorations.

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“Nu demonstrates why he has earned the title ‘The Man Who Knows.’”
Judy Thorburn
Las Vegas Round the Clock
“Alain has a charming stage personality and a mysterious talent. How he does what he does is unfathomable.”
Victoria Alexander
From the Balcony
“He did things I’d never seen before…most intriguing…”
Mike Weatherford
Las Vegas Review Journal
"Throw out all the rules of Physics!"
The Washington Post
“He bent a spoon and blew my mind!”
Pamela Love
Vegas with Love
“Absolutely extraordinary!”
Wolf Blitzer

Alain Nu is “The man Who Knows”

ESP Symbols

Blindfolded Dodgeball

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